Thursday, December 14, 2006

Litter #2

These guys had the blessed joy of being born in the springtime. Spring in OK is beautiful. This little black beauty is Jezebel. Somehow, my human knew she was in there and had her name already picked out. Spooky, huh?

Anyways; being from a litter of 8 is great. You always have someone to play with that is your size. Even if the bone isn't.

This handsome fellow is Oscar, he is a little boys best friend in Colorado now. Beside him is Jo, she's still available and waiting for her person to come along; more about Jo later. The little black apple head in the foreground isn't Jez, it's her boyfriend Diego. We got him to breed with Jez and we wanted them to grow up together. They have and they did(fingers crossed for pups from them on Valentines day).

These are the almost twins Suzy Q and Kissy. They are tiny girls, they will be 5lbs each when full grown.

No, that's not my baby picture. This is my protege', Dante'. He hit the jackpot and is livin' it up in Vegas.

These are the other near set of twins, Silly and Teddy, and don't ask me tell you which is which. I could never tell. They are also in Colorado; makin' puppies and stealin' hearts.

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